Emily Fasten
(MFT LIC#97098)

I have masters degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), am a certified yoga instructor, and have worked for more than 15 years as an editorial and marketing professional in a variety of corporate settings. I have spent time at the Esalen Institute, sat retreats at Spirit Rock, and have a committed Vinyasa yoga practice. I am personally inspired by the creative and aspirational aspects of the human potential movement and the psycho-spiritual influences of CIIS and yoga. I effectively balance this humanistic world view with a direct, pragmatic, responsive approach to life and work, cultivated by my extensive professional experience (and East Coast upbringing).

Trained in the lineage of gestalt, I hold the values of self-responsibility, authenticity, difference, and freedom in the highest esteem. I’m fiercely protective of our rights and capacities as humans to be honest—in the here and now—about our experience; to be in self-aware intimate relationships with others; and to cultivate a sense of joy, aliveness, and humor in everyday life. This is what I want for my clients, myself, and, really, all people everywhere.