***I’m currently on vacation, back in the office on June 24. If you’re a new client interested in starting therapy—and don’t mind waiting that long—feel free to reach out and I’ll get back to you upon my return. If you are an existing client or a new client who would like to get help sooner, my colleague, the wonderful Cary Ann Rosko, will be covering for me while I’m away (she can be reached through her website here or at 415-689-8591).

Please call or email to set up a free phone consultation.

My San Francisco psychotherapy office is located on Sanchez Street at 16th, easily accessible by MUNI and just five blocks from BART.

Phone: 415.659.9952

You can email me using this form. (Please note that, due to the nature of email, I can't guarantee confidentiality. I use email for casual contact about scheduling, referrals, or general inquires, not to address deeper psychological material.)

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