Where would you like to start?

Some people come in with very clear ideas of what they want from therapy—whether it’s confronting anxiety, finding a better job, or getting more from a stalled relationship. We work with the internal and external forces that are keeping them stuck, building the needed self-support to move into a new phase. Other clients arrive with a more generalized state of existential discomfort or depression, grappling with questions about why we’re here, where to find meaning in life, a sense of cosmic isolation, or fear of mortality. Together we explore those extraordinary and unanswerable questions, while honestly confronting and integrating the scared, anxious, optimistic, or joyful parts we encounter along the way. Combining the principles of relational Gestalt, existential psychotherapy, attachment theory, and Yogic philosophy, I collaborate with individual clients to get exactly what they need from therapy. 

My practice is explicitly inclusive: I have successfully worked with clients of various ages, races, sexual orientations, religions, and gender identities. Guided by core gestalt values of curiosity and the appreciation of differences, I strive to create an open and inviting environment for all kinds of people, confronting all kinds of issues.

Particular areas of interest, experience, and focus include:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression (both acute and low-level)

  • Fear of intimacy or commitment

  • Emerging adulthood

  • Working with the inner critic

  • Relationship conflicts and attachment issues

  • Setting (and sticking to) boundaries

  • Belonging and sense of place

  • Racial identity

  • Early recovery

  • Co-dependency

  • Life transitions (marriage, jobs, moves, babies, loss)

  • Spiritual and existential crises

  • ADD and ADHD in adulthood

  • Working with creativity and creative process

  • Conflict avoidance

  • Negative self-image

  • The search for meaning in everyday life


Therapy sessions are 50 minutes, generally weekly (double sessions, every-other-week sessions, or other arrangements are available as clinically appropriate). My office is located in the Castro, easily accessible by MUNI.

My fee per session is $160. I can accept cash or credit or FSA cards.